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                來源: 時間:2021年07月23日 瀏覽次數: 【字體:

                  近日,中國教育部留學服務中心建設升級的“留學中國網”(www.studyinchina.edu.cn)正式上線運營?!?留學中國網”有中英文兩個版本,主要發布中國教育概況、政策通知、新聞動態、各院校介紹、招生及課程等信息;同時,面向國際學生提供從留學信息檢索、申請入學、在華學習、生活及實習、就業等多方位的互聯網在線服務。目前,國內近300所高校已經更新、上傳、完善了4000 多個可招收來華留學生的專業信息,供國際學生查詢、申請。后續將有更多院校、更多專業信息陸續上傳。

                  Introduction of Study in China website

                  Entrusted by Ministry of Education (MOE) of the Peoples Republic of China, the website of www.studyinchina.edu.cn serves as an authoritative and comprehensive platform for international students who study in China. The information and services provided by the website include but are not limited to:

                  1. Provide the platform for foreign students to get information ranging from Chinas national conditions, education system, to history, culture, traditional arts and tourism resources, etc

                  2. Release information on policies and regulations on studying in China, scholarships, case studies and activities for foreign students, so as to enhance the attractiveness of studying in China, improve the quality and level of international students and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinas education.

                  3. Serve as a platform for domestic universities & colleges to release their recruitment information for foreign students and to promote international education cooperation and exchange.

                  4. Provide online consultation and application advice for international students to select majors and courses in Chinese universities, and provide guidance for them to study and live in China.

                  5. Provide policy consultation and services related to internship. employment and entrepreneurship for international students, and serve as a platform for domestic enterprises or institutions to contact international students in their internship arrangement, employment and entrepreneurship.

                  6. Release information on the activities of graduates and alumni in China and provide networking services for alumni of China.